Impossible Situations Are God’s Favourite

In talking with friends and family, I’ve explained that this whole adoption process feels just like starting a new business. Having started a business, and having seen all the work, printing, advertising, long nights and conversation that goes with it — it seems to bear so many similarities. Except this is so much more valuable. A business brings in an income. An adoption brings indescribable joy.

We are in the midst of it — this process has kicked off so quickly, and moved so fast. As our adoption attorney described to us when we first sat down with him, this is the part that was guaranteed to go quick. It’s one of the benefits of an independent adoption. There’s no waiting time, no long list that you join. You can be approved quickly, and boy was it quicker than we thought! We are so glad, overwhelmed, excited, terrified and happy to be in this process of networking and advertising. We’ve been ordering postcards to distribute to everyone and anyone we meet, as well as to give to friends and family to do to the same. We’ve been compiling our book to give to expectant mothers, we’ve been writing our ‘Dear Expectant Mother’ letter, and we have commenced fundraising.

In many ways, starting the business was so much easier; the emotional pull of the adoption process can be exhausting. We visited the family lake house this past weekend, and approached the weekend absolutely exhausted, not because of any late nights, or overworking, but because of an emotional exhaustion. It’s no easy process being so readily exposed to the ups and downs of every twist and turn in the journey, but God has given us the strength to battle through it and to stand strong in every step. Just as Moses had his arms supported during battle (Exodus 17), we feel so supported and encouraged by those around us, they are raising our arms and claiming victory for us in this story.

We are in the time of hoping and searching. — Now that the majority of our networking is in place, we will begin more of the advertising side of our search. We will be looking to place adverts in newspapers, online and in other places that we discover along the way. But now that the word is out and our home study is signed, the hoping and searching begins. This has to be one of the hardest parts of the entire process, but perhaps I’ll look back on it after all is said and done and realise it wasn’t nearly as bad as it seemed. Possible leads have come in and our heart races momentarily, but guarding our heart from going too far down each road is essential.

We are in a season of stepping out of what is comfortable. We’ve travelled the world, lived in war torn countries, been in some very difficult situations and dealt with infertility… but this right here, this season of waiting, hoping, believing that God is bringing our children to us is so uncomfortable. While we know that God has is it all together, it’s hard to see sometimes. Unbelief and questioning whether what we are doing is right, is almost a daily occurrence. But we have to hold onto what God has done so far, and what God has said for what is coming. I’m sure I’ll look back on this post and chuckle to myself once all is said and done, but for now, for this moment in time, holding our child in my arms seems like a near impossibility. It’s a good thing, though, that impossible situations are God’s favourite.

We are in a process of taking what we’ve been told to do, and doing it. We’ve been told all the theories. We’ve been told that if you do this (x) and you do this (y) then you’ll be able to adopt a child (z). We’ve been told to purchase a phone. We’ve been told to print postcards. We’ve been told to create a website and Facebook page. We’ve been told to print the expectant mother books and so much more. The theories are all being checked, we’re working our way down the list of x’s and y’s. And now we stand in faith. Not because we have fulfilled the formula of lawyers and social workers, not because of our story nor our kids bedroom ready to be filled. But because God has promised us children to love, cherish and nurture. We believe that God is bringing us His promise, and as chaotic as the journey can be, we’re willing to walk each step.

Join us in our first fundraiser and awareness campaign! Jane has worked so hard in designing a clothing line with TeeSpring to help with this journey. Visit We need to reach a minimum on each item to ensure it gets printed, but help us reach our target! And they even deliver worldwide! 



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