Jeopardy Theme Song

* I named this post Jeopardy Theme Song with the intent to translate for our loved ones across the pond. ☺️ In America, the ‘Jeopardy’ game show theme song equates socially to the ‘Countdown’ game show theme song.*

Well, here we are – we have been approved to adopt for 2 months, and we’re getting to the hard part now. The excitement of approval and the beginning of this process had our hearts on cloud nine for the first 8 weeks. We were frantically getting postcards printed, our website developed, and photo books made. We were looking at hundreds of photos of our lives…writing out our dreams, hopes, and desires…putting ourselves out there for the world to see, regardless of who might be looking.

Now that we have gotten past the initial burst of excitement, we are slowing down our adoption-frenzy and stepping into pace with the waiting game. Pacing ourselves is something that has been on my mind a lot recently. Because this is such a strange and undefined process, it’s hard to get a grasp of what stage we are in. Are we still at the beginning? Are we halfway through waiting? Or will we get a call tomorrow telling us a child has been born and we are to be the parents?

All we know is that right now, God is in the business of preparing. Preparing us, our hearts, and our babies. Preparing birth parents out there who are looking for an answer. Preparing family and friends to support them in their decision. Preparing family and friends to support us in our growth. Preparing doctors and nurses and midwives who will navigate the beautiful gift of life being shared. Preparing my mind to stay the course – to tarry my longing – to wait with hope.

We have had one or two connections here and there, and have spoken to one potential birth mother, but nothing came from it. We have been so encouraged, however, by all the messages we are getting from all around the country of people who are sharing our story with their friends, family, and acquaintances. It has been so humbling and amazing to feel the love and support from so many!

Our pastor encouraged us in his sermon on Saturday evening to remember that God promises to be with us as we walk through the valley. That means that there is an end to it, another side, a new mountain top peak.

Right now, the waiting is a beautiful valley where we learn (for what feels like the 10th time) that God’s timing is perfect, and He is faithful to carry us through this.

And there will be a mountain peak on the other side.



2 thoughts on “Jeopardy Theme Song

  1. I love the picture of walking through the valley with the mountain rising again the other side. The waking /running /skipping/plodding is putting muscle on you both for the long joyous haul of raising children. The journey is a vital part of the process and you are doing so well at keeping at it. We are so proud of you both!!


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