The Roller Coasters of Disneyland

So many of our amazing friends and family have been asking us this question over the past few weeks and so we’ve put together our top 5 points on how you can help with this part of the adoption process!

1. Pray Hard!

First of all, and quite obviously – we are praying to find a birthmother who is seeking to place her baby for adoption. This is no easy task for any person to do, but there are many out there. We need prayer that God lines up our information right in front of them and that they get in contact!

We also need prayer for our hearts during this process. The highs and the lows are incredible and incredibly difficult. We didn’t expect this journey to be quick by any means, but in this short time already, we’ve literally been unaware of any possible babies one day, one paper away from being ‘picked’ by an expectant mother, and minutes away from getting a phone call telling us to pick up a an already born baby from the hospital. And here we are, with no leads and nothing in sight!

Imagine those roller coasters at Disneyland, that is what this is like! We are riding a wild train of becoming parents in 30 minutes, to possibly becoming parents in 7 months, to not becoming parents anytime soon, to getting a phone call about a possible situation… So on and so forth. Pray for peace in our hearts, and the ability to not only endure this waiting game, but see God in the midst of it – that’s a tough one!

2. Facebook Connects the World!

You might think your Facebook page is a great way to see what friends are up to, you might think of it as a fun way to play some online games and keep in touch with friends. These are all true – but your Facebook page is even stronger and more powerful than that! We have the ability, if everyone reading this blog post shares our Facebook page on their own page, to reach over 50,000 people within days! And that in turn can grow exponentially, and lead to contacts being made with a possible birthmother. Our social worker said Facebook is now the number one way prospective parents find a birthmother!

So will you consider posting our Facebook page: to your Facebook page along with a note of support for us? You can make an incredible difference right there in just 30 seconds! No matter where you are in the world, your Facebook page connects the world, so your posting is so helpful! Thank you to the many of you who already have posted! If you are willing to post again, that would be incredible in our efforts.

3. Share The Leaflets!

We have distributed 1,000 leaflets to friends across the USA. If you haven’t received any, and would like some, or perhaps you need more, email us at These leaflets are designed to be left at your doctors office, your dentists office or your favorite restaurant. It’s incredible how word gets around with these leaflets! We have heard of anti-abortion clinics receiving our postcards from people we have not even heard of! Who knows where they will end up, but maybe you’ll hand the postcard to someone who is the link with our future baby!

4. Listen And Talk!

Maybe you’re at the grocery store and someone across the aisle is talking about a friend who is unexpectedly pregnant and doesn’t want to keep the baby, or your hairdresser had a client earlier that day who heard about a woman wanting to get an abortion. Who knows the situation you might find yourself in, but keep your ears open, and keep telling friends you meet.

5. Consider Giving

Adoption in the USA can prove to be very costly. Currently we are in the advertising section of the adoption process which involves paying for profiles on websites that advertise us. But once we are matched with a baby, we will be dealing with the health costs, as well as lawyer fees which run into the tens of thousands. Many have asked how you can help with this, and we so appreciate that. If you are able to donate, there are currently two pages you can consider giving to:

Our YouCaring Page
Sponsor our 7 year old nephew here as he runs 10k to raise funds for his cousin!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read, now lets get into action mode and spread the word!

Much love,



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